Jon Cozart

Jon has collaborated with YouTubers and friends to make videos for everyone to enjoy.


Jonathan Charles Cozart, also known by his online alias Paint, is an American YouTube personality, musician, and comedian. As of March 2021, his main YouTube channel has over 4.72 million subscribers.

Cozart was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and raised in Houston, Texas, from the age of six.

On July 17, 2011, Cozart uploaded “Harry Potter in 99 Seconds”, which quickly became a viral video, with 56 million views as of March 2021.

Cozart grew his audience on YouTube with his Disney parody videos, which place Disney Princesses into modern circumstances through a cappella layering of his own voice to supply the music. “After Ever After” was uploaded in 2013, and has amassed 91 million views, as of January 2021. “After ever After 2” was released in 2014 and “After ever After 3” was released in 2018. He then went on hiatus after November of 2018 but returned in October of 2020 with “If Trump Was In Hamilton.”

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